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15 June 2007 @ 01:15 pm
Welcome (again)!  
For everyone who hasn't visited the LJ before - welcome! I figured that since Lobot is going to be the game we'll be working on for the next semester, I should dust off the LJ and get it updated regularly so we can keep track of how it's all going.

Everyone at AIE is free to join this community and post anything related to Lobot in particular or making games in general =)

I know we're not formally starting work on the game for another couple of weeks, but we might as well continue tossing around ideas and re-working bits and polishing others in the meantime.

If anyone has questions, this is a good place to ask them! I'm also happy to be asked stuff over email (michelle.hughes@students.aie.edu.au), or in person (if the graphics students are willing to brave the programming lab ; )

For info on how to join LJ and post in this community, check out the first post.
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