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07 June 2007 @ 09:01 pm
The tutorial section will introduce actions and ideas needed for the game via advice from Belfry and by using hints.

Introducing Lobot's limbs:
In the first room, Lobot will be introduced to his extending his legs and arms by being asked to get a key card from on top of some rubble.

Introducing sneaking:
After leaving the starting room, Belfry tells Lobot that he can disable other robots by sending a deactivating program to their CPU. He says it will be easier to do this if Lobot can catch a robot unawares. The first robot encountered will be “sleeping” facing the opposite direction, blocking a doorway. This will be a sign that the player must deactivate and move the robot out of the way.

Introducing the mini-game:
The first deactivation mini-game will include a tutorial where Belfry will explain each of the elements of the mini-game. The switches, the code, the wires, the CPU, the bonus gates and various obstacles.

Introducing distraction:
The next room will have an armed robot blocking a pass between the wall and some shelves. Tech will tell Lobot that the robot reacts to sound. He says that dropping a noisy item behind the robot will distract it. A box full of nuts and bolts will be sitting on a bare desk. The player should realise that Lobot can extend his limbs and drop the box behind the robot. If the player is stuck, Tech will begin to give hints: “Come on Lobot, stretch your imagination!”.

The nuts and bolts will be kept as an item to use for distractions.

Introducing active enemies:
The following corridor will have two robots, a closer one “asleep” and a further one looking down the corridor from the other end. When the player deactivates the robot, the further one will recognise Lobot's hostility and attempt to attack him. Returning to the previous room will stop the robot from attacking.

The next section will have a sequence of robots, each looking in the direction of another robot. The player will know to look for the one robot that is at the start of the spotting chain. Then the player can easily deactivate the robots, without having any become aggressive.

The game will gradually introduce more and more complex puzzles that incorporate some new elements, but mostly using a combination of skills already acquired.

I was having this idea how Tech is agitated and almost talking to himself at the start of the game, but by the end accepts Lobot as a partner :P Just something that popped up when I was trying to write dialogue...

“Wait... this robot could be me! It would just walk up to them!”
*beep* I could?
“Of course a robot couldn't be me. Only I could write this program! I could and I did, but a robot couldn't and wouldn't!”
*beep* I wouldn't?
“But you can and will use this program. It disables robots! ”